Experiential Education Symposium at York University

I had the wonderful opportunity to make a poster and present my research today at York University’s Experiential Education Symposium. During the event, York University president and vice-chancellor Rhonda Lenton and I discussed my biology research, as well as the many applications it has in the workforce. I am excited and eager to experience the opportunities that lie ahead.

Discussing my research with President and vice-chancellor of York University Rhonda Lenton
Presenting research at the conference. I got the chance to speak to so many different individuals, and am glad to be sharing scientific findings with such a large audience.
My poster on the optimal plant density research work I did during my research practicum with Dr.Christopher Lortie and Jenna Braun. I expanded on this knowledge in my honours thesis and am now searching for the optimal native plant density to outcompete an exotic invader. Restoration ecology in action.
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