The importance of art in our fast paced society

The image contains 5 rows of desserts, with each row containing 3 photos of the same dessert. From Bottom up the desserts are churros, cookie bars, caramel cupcakes, white chocolate covered cake pops, and a dark chocolate cake.
A screenshot of some desserts I have baked taken from my instagram page @torontobaking

Where would art be without science? Where would science be without art?

Allowing us to express our ourselves in a way that makes us feel most understood, I believe that everyone has their own form of art.

For me, my form of art lies within baking. Baking combines art and science; it is self-expression with precise measurement, allowing the freedom to innovate, experiment, and discover. Baking is an art for all of our senses. From the infinite array of colours one can pipe onto a cake to the silky smooth texture of a soufflé, the sweet scent of freshly baked apple pie, and the crisp sound that emanates from biting into a crème patissière filled cannoli, baking and culinary arts engage all of our senses.

Why is any of this important? Why does art matter?

Art is an expression of ourselves. It helps us communicate and feel understood, and then shares this with the world. Art exists to make us feel and to invoke emotion. When I bake, I share it with others to invoke feelings such as excitement, joy, warmth, comfort, or gratitude. It’s a way to connect and bond with others, to come together as a community and a culture.

Art is limitless. Whether it be through painting, sculpting, sewing, creating music, dancing, or any of the endless forms of artistic mediums, each artist has their own chosen medium of expression. All of these invoke emotion, and all of these contribute to the formation and development of our society and culture.

Science can advance society; Art brings it together. Ultimately, art is a science, and science is an art. One cannot exist without the other; they are intertwined.

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