Give what you can

The holidays are right around the corner, and each year I try to give back by whatever means I can. I am a student, so money is usually not an option. Fortunately for me and for many others in the same situtation, you can give back to the community in many ways that will not affect your wallet and will make a big differences. Here are some ideas:

  1. Donate blood
    When you donate blood, you give three components; plasma, platlettes and red blood cells. These components are separated and are donated to 3 different people. Essentially you are saving 3 lives from one donation!
  2. Donate clothes
    Your old clothes can provide someone with both physical warmth as well as a new wardrobe for someone else. Make sure to do some research on where you are donating and ensure that it is a company that gives your donations to those in need.
  3. Volunteer at a food bank
    Food banks have a high demand during the holidays and are always in need of people to assist, whether it be sorting food or handing it out. You can feed those in need even if you yourself can’t afford to supply the food.

If you do have the financial ability to donate money, make sure to check where your money is going and how much of it is donated to the organization. A quick way to find good charities  to give to is to search up “best charities” and see what percentage of your donating is given to the cause (some useful links or

This holiday you can make change by closing to give back in a way that makes impact while also providing you with new experience. Try something new!