Think Tank Challenge with Brain Power Enrichment Programs

Christina (left) is a recent graduate from Queen’s University. With both of us majoring in S.T.E.M fields, it was intriguing to discuss the similarities and differences of our academic and personal pathways throughout university. The different skills that university students acquire among different programs and schools allow for collaboration that yields a diversity of ideas and an increase in productivity.

I recently had the honour of being invited by my teacher, mentor, and friend Dr.Karine Rashkovksy to attend the Brain Power Think Tank Challenge as an alumnus of the program. With alumni from Western, Queen’s, UofT, McMaster, Schulich, York, along with high school graduates who attended UTS, IB, TOPS, MaCS, TKS, and other gifted programs, we were given complex tasks to collaborate on and investigate novelle strategies at resolving business-esque challenges.

Not only did the Think Tank challenge allow us to explore sophisticated challenges, but it allowed us to meet and work with like-minded young professionals. It was a pleasure to meet with and discuss the academic and professional journeys of other recent graduates and inspired me to take upon new life challenges and pathways.

A background on Brain Power

Dr Karine Rashkovsky is the founder and director of Brain Power Enrichment Programs which at the 2019 Vaughan Business Awards won City of Vaughan’s Small Business Award- top 3. Alongside this, Dr. Rashkovsky is a recipient of a plethora of additional prestigious accomplishments and awards including winner of City of Vaughan’s Top Entrepreneur Under 40 Award – top 3, and York Region’s 2018 Passion into Practice Award. She collaborates on research both nationally and internationally, is a published author, an entrepreneur, an artist, and much more.

Dr. Rashkovksy – Founder and director of Brain Power Enrichment Programs

In the words of Dr. Rashkovsky, Brain Power enrichment program’s mission is to create an innovative curriculum that exceeds current educational standards alongside with integrating the importance of social responsibility. These exceptional programs in English language arts, public speaking, math and problem solving, and entrance exam preparation assist students to excel both inside the classroom as well as in their personal life and professional endeavors.

As an alumnus of the brain power enrichment program, I can confidently say that the lessons and skills taught to me by Dr.Rashkovsky play an integral part of my everyday life. From writing and defending my Honours Biology Thesis to composing professional emails, the English language proficiency I learned at Brain Power guides and improves my interactions and communications on a daily basis.

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